Search Engines, Boolean Logic and Education: What’s important for educators to know?

This essay explores search engines’ technological advancements to present recommendations for related instruction. It begins by introducing basic and advanced Boolean Logic concepts, and how Boolean logic is applied to search engines’ external and internal operation. It then presents the significant information challenges search engine providers face in delivering quality results to users, and explains related innovations. Based on these descriptions, the essay concludes by discussing educational and instructional implications for library educators who teach students how to perform online searches.

With respect to classroom education, there are four key implications for instructional content:

  1. It’s important to teach about how search engines work
  2. Teaching good keyword practice is more important than teaching Boolean process.
  3. Teaching about bias is important.
  4. Identifying non-obvious precision refinement tools can be helpful

Read the prepub research article: Search Engines, Boolean Logic and Education.

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